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ANA LUNA is a multi-talented artist who seamlessly blends her skills as a violinist, immersive performer, and movement artist to create captivating and innovative experiences for all audiences. With a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional violin playing, she utilizes mediums such as circus and theatrical performances to introduce modern audiences to the enchanting world of string playing.

Combining her virtuosity as a violinist with immersive storytelling and expressive movement, she transports her audiences on mesmerizing journeys that engage the senses and stir the imagination. Her performances are not only auditory experiences but also visual spectacles, as she weaves her music into intricate narratives brought to life through movement and theatricality.

Through her unique approach, Ana seeks to break down barriers between classical music and contemporary audiences, inviting people from all walks of life to discover the beauty and emotional power of the violin in unexpected and exhilarating ways. Whether performing on stage, in a an immersive environment, or amidst a circus production, she captivates audiences with her talent, creativity, and passion for pushing artistic boundaries.


Recent highlights include performing with Ms. Lauryn Hill and the Fugees, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Johan Lenox and Quixotic Fusion. In 2022, Ana performed as the violinist for the Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Immersive Experience in Denver, produced by Netflix, Shondaland and Fever.


One of Ana's main focuses lies in interdisciplinary performances. She is passionate about collaborating with a diverse range of artists and specializes in immerse events and creative, imaginative performances. She consults and produces shows and projects independently across the country. Ana also teaches pole dancing and movement workshops around the Denver area.

Incredibly active in advocacy and equity work, Ana Luna is the current Executive Director of the Alliance for Music Education Equity, where she works with over 20 Denver-based music organizations to make music education and programming more equitable and accessible around the city. Through this work, she has collaborated with the Levitt Pavilion, Denver Arts and Venues and AXS.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from the Florida State University’s College of Music where she studied with Corinne Stillwell as well as a Master's degree in Violin Performance from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music where she served as a graduate teaching assistant to Linda Wang and Igor Pikayzen.

Ana is an active member of the Colorado Symphony's Education Committee and the Levitt Pavilion's Bodies of Culture Board. She is also an official artist for NS Design Electric Violins.

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