NFeder Headshot.jpg
Nyan Feder, guitar/saxophone

A Florida Keys-born “Conch” and Nashville-based Guitarist/Saxophonist Nyan Feder has wound his way through the twists and turns of musical genre and culture, landing, not so neatly, into his own hodgepodge form of musical stylings. Having started playing guitar at the age of two and continuing thus as both a sideman and a soloist he has cultivated a sound comprised of studies in Latin (flamenco-infused folk), Rock, Alternative, Acoustic and Electric Fingerstyle, Blues, Country, Funk, R&B, Jazz/Black American Music and Pop. By the age of seven, Nyan had co-headlined the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival three times and played with artists such as Steven Tyler, Run DMC and Skunk Baxter, and at age 19 had recorded, produced and engineered five studio albums of both his own and others’ music. Nyan studied the Tenor Saxophone at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL pursuing a Bachelors in Jazz Studies. There, he cultivated a more deeply informed sound through several jazz, funk, blues and neo-soul bands; traveling the southeast region of the United States, he would later find himself returning to the studio for George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic and various other artists. Nyan has performed across all musical genres with many well-known artists such as Steven Tyler, Run DMC, Herlin Riley, Ira Sullivan, Skunk Baxter, George Clinton, Fred Wesely, Kendell Marvel. Currently he lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and tours the world playing guitar for Nashville-based recording artist Stephanie Quayle, in addition to leading her band as Musical Director and also working as a freelance recording guitarist/saxophonist, songwriter and composer.